Sunday, June 5, 2016

Birthday Weekend

I was pretty much freaking out about turning 35... I just don't like how it sounds.  I don't feel or look 35, but I am getting old.  Okay I take that back, with my boys this close together in age, I definitely feel my age.  Jason planned a fun birthday getaway to help me forget about the number.  We flew into Cancun Mexico and took a twenty minute boat ride over to an little 5 mile island called Isla de Mujeres.  We stayed in a Worldmark hotel there for 3 nights.  It was divine.  Such a fun vacation.  Beach, street tacos, more beach, and more street tacos.  We base our vacations around food.  We received massages on the beach for $25.  We rented a golf cart for transportation.  I am grateful for the ability to fly and travel and see the world.  We could definitely go back to this island.  

Coconut French toast with Mango Juice

Strawberry Daiquiri 

Pina Colada 

Beach Views

Fish Tacos with Mango salsa

More beach views

This was a little hole in the wall restaurant where the locals would eat.  They cooked our food in the kitchen... 

But it tasted divine... 

The color of the water is so gorgeous 

Everyone is driving around the island on golf carts

More street tacos

They just cut the meat right there in front of you 

The Worldmark hotel we stayed at for 3 nights.

Leaving the Island...

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